Ayalew Bitane and Associates Law Firm


Ayalew Bitane and Associates Law Firm

Full-service lawyering service firm which is known after its high-end solutions either in legal or consultancy services. All the local, regional and foreign clients are acquiring benefits and achieve their desired results out of our legal assistance which are also within the same institutional framework. It was, established in 2017, with its office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Office has a well established client base and is growing in step with Ethiopian’s development and economy. The office emerged and established its Law Firm having a rich and successful history and well established client base support of the members of the Office and the previous Private Attorney’s of Mr. Ayalew Bitane and Mr. Fikadu Damene.

With Directors and four Lawyers, ABM is a well established, medium-size law Firm with significant national capacity through a network of associates, giving us sizable influence in key financial centers throughout the Federal Republic of Ethiopia.

Our legal services

As a corporate and commercial law office/firm, we offer a full spectrum of legal services. These services are structured into two main business divisions: 

  1. Litigation and dispute resolution, focusing on litigation and alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation and arbitration.
  2. Corporate and commercial legal services, focusing on transactional and regulatory services;

 Civil And Criminal Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration , Appeal

Employment And Labor Law

Corporate & Commercial/ Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Environment Law Corporate

Restructuring & Insolvency

Intellectual Property Rights

Joint Venture, Private Equity, Limited Liability Company’s, Private Limited Company’s, Share Company Registration And Establishment Of New Companies/Business Entities

Real Estate, construction and etc

Service delivery

The firm recognizes the value of efficient, effective, and quality services to our clients. In seeking to provide these services, we are guided by our core values of integrity, teamwork, quality, diligence and commitment.


  1. Answering phone calls within 15 seconds of ringing unless any of us were in court, in a meeting, driving, at events and urgent occasions.
  2. Returning telephone calls within the same working days              
  3. Acknowledging receipt of emails
  4. Replying to routine correspondence within the maximum of 3/three/ day’s period unless the matter needs further research and review techniques.
  5. Preparation of standard form of documentation within 21/twenty one/ working days of receipt of instructions.

What It's like working with us


Many firms are set up to handle routine legal matters. We are NOT one of them. If you have a tough, complicated, or unusual business or regulatory dispute, we’re your best choice.

We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions when there are complex factual scenarios, tricky legal issues, substantial sums of money, or significant personal or business consequences. We have the toughest, smartest, and most creative team. Our attorneys have first-rate litigation and regulatory experience built on top of outstanding academic credentials.

In fact, we’re the lawyers that other lawyers call when they need help. We frequently represent other law firms in partnership disputes, malpractice cases, and personal legal matters. In addition, other lawyers refer us complex matters, often after having the pleasure of facing us as opposing counsel. While we are tough, we try to be professional with our fellow counsel, and they appreciate what we do and how we do it.

We often work under the bright light of media attention. We are adept at making sure the media captures the right message for you and your business. Working with the courts, the regulators, political leaders or entities, and the media, sometimes all at once, requires a skill set which we have developed over many years of practice.


As the great Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” We always begin with the end in mind. Our first step is working with you to clarify your business goals as well as the legal and business situation you’re in.

Most firms don’t get the end game; they just get going. In the process, they waste clients’ money following predictable litigation steps to suboptimal, or overly costly, results. This is NOT how we operate. We develop a strategy that works backward from your desired outcomes, not just forward from your present legal situation.

Your goal may be straightforward, such as recover as much as possible as cost effectively as possible, or defend for the least cost possible. Often, the end game can and should be more complex. The litigation may be part of a larger business dispute and you might want to leverage the lawsuit to position for a more global outcome. You may need to establish an important business precedent that deters future lawsuits or misconduct against you. Your dispute may even involve working with regulators to shift the business conditions you’re operating under.

Once we’re sure where you want to end up, we customize a creative playbook that is both cost effective and most likely to achieve your goals.


Creative business and legal approaches can save you time and money on the path to success.

Most firms follow a process we call “Litigation 101.” They start with a complaint or response to a complaint, go through discovery, file motions along the way, and then see what happens and where they stand.

Not only is this costly and time consuming, it also exposes a weakness. Check out our Raves page and you’ll see that our more divergent style makes opponents uncomfortable. We know how and when to disorient and disarm the competition, making traditional playbook moves increasingly irrelevant.

We look at all aspects of your business and legal problem with a creative perspective, not just the facts or the law. We find leverage points we can effectively use against the other side. We understand opposing counsel, the judge, and the judge’s track record in similar matters. Where appropriate, we also look for regulatory or legislative solutions.

By focusing on your end game and customizing the playbook, we ensure we’re always fighting the right fight, in the right way.


A classic New Yorker cartoon stated, “As your attorney, I feel it is my duty to charge you an enormous amount of money.” As absurd as it sounds, this too often rings true.

That is NOT our approach. We work hard to resolve disputes early and amicably whenever possible. We frequently resolve disputes before a lawsuit is even filed. Our goal is to make a molehill out of a mountain, because we know you’d rather focus on your business than on litigation or battles with the government.

We will assess your case early and advise you on the highest value courses of action. We’ll give you a realistic view of outcomes and associated strategies. Where appropriate, we push for settlement conferences at key settlement points — those points in the process where parties have enough information to talk about resolution without continuing an extended legal process. On regulatory matters, sometimes a few early phone calls or meetings can resolve the dispute.

If an early resolution is not possible, we’ll work closely with you to determine the highest value and most cost effective path forward. We’re also open to creative fee arrangements that best serve a client’s needs.


We are top-notch, experienced trial lawyers. Although we work hard to resolve disputes early, we’re always prepared to take your case to trial.

A federal judge we know observed, “Too many lawyers come to my courtroom and don’t know where the jury box is.” The fact is, many litigators talk a good game but don’t actually try many cases.

We try a LOT of cases. Jury trials. Bench trials in front of a judge. Arbitrations. Administrative hearings. Our results are positive the vast majority of time. Our high profile cases often garner significant media attention.

We’re equally comfortable in appeals court as we are in trial court. We’re regular participants in briefing and oral arguments before appellate courts at the federal and state level. We’re often hired specifically to handle cases on appeal.

This experience obviously gives us an edge in the courtroom. It also gives us a significant edge before your case even goes to trial. Opposing counsel are well aware we’re not afraid to aggressively try cases, which puts us in a stronger negotiating position.


It’s not really who you know; it’s who knows you. And what they think of you. When you hire a lawyer, you hire more than just his or her legal ability. You also hire a lawyer’s reputation and connections. This provides value well beyond the hours a lawyer devotes to your case.

Our lawyers and firm are well known and highly regarded amongst judges, attorneys, political leaders, and in the business world. We’re the lawyers other lawyers often call when they need help. We’ve handled high profile lawsuits and regulatory disputes and have extensive governmental and political backgrounds and connections.

We’re well known as a legal team with smart, highly committed, and skillful attorneys, focused on creative solutions and non-formulaic approaches. Make no mistake: our reputation and our integrity count as much as anything else we will do for you. We’d love to explore how to put our strong reputation, our skills and experience, to work for you.